Aubergine Pureé Salad

Aubergine Pureé Salad

Ingredients ;

5 -  6 Medium sized round Aubergines
1/3  Cup Virgin Olive oil
1 tea spoon granulated sugar
1 tea spoon mustard seeds
2 – 3 Garlic Cloves
Salt to your taste
Juice of two Lemons

Gril the aubergines over the stove or in the oven ( oven cooked aubergines will not have the smokey taste ) until they are very tender. While the aubergines are over the stove prepare the sauce. Put sugar, garlic, mustard seeds and salt in a mortar and beat until they all grind together put this mixture in a sieve and melt the outcome in lemon juice beat throughly with a mixer and add the olive oil gradually until the mixture is some what tickened. Put the mixture aside.
Peal the aubergines by cutting them into halves and the take the insides out by the help of a spoon. Mix it with the souce and beat again. You can add tomatoes, red and green peppers cut into cubes and serve cold and decorate with parsley if you wish.

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