Rumeli Mantısı ( Filo Roses)

Rumeli Mantısı ( Filo Roses in garlic yoghurt )

Ingredients ;
32 sheets of filo ( yufka)
1 kg ground beef & lamb ( 30% lamb 70 % beef )
¼ cup butter
½ kg yoghurt ( thick)
Garlic to taste
Chili pepper to taste
Salt & Pepper

Stirfry the meat with 2 spoons of butter, salt and pepper, make sure there are no hard balls in the meat you will have to stir it constantly until it is ready.
Line the filo put meat in the middle of the sheet from one end as shown on the photo, fold both ends of the file as on the photo and roll them very delicately, do this to all filo sheets.
Place them in the preheated oven at moderate heat and cook until they look golden Brown.

On the other side boil some stock vegetable or chicken stock would be great, add some fresh chopped scallions there and when they start boiling add the rose shaped oven baked filo flowers in the stock. Cook for about 10 minutes.

Mix yoghurt with some salt and garlic, place the yoghurt in the plate put the filo roses on top of the yoghurt and pour some butter that is melted with chili peppers.  Decorate your plate with mint.

A Special thank you to my dear friend Nilgün Erdem, for taking these wonderful pictures.

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