Mandarine Preserve

When I moved to Bodrum, a small port town in Southern Aegean part of Turkey, five years ago
I was surprised to see most of the tangerines and mandarines on the ground after the heavy rains we get here in the winter months and no body bothered about them, since there were too many.
I was raised in a house where we were thought never to waste anything edible, and I felt very sorry for those mandarines on the ground I had to do something! So I started creating and learning new recipes with these fruits. Making jams and preserves is the first approach here. You can made this recipe with mandarines, tangerines or even lemon and lime.

This preserve recipe is an award winning recipe shared by a dear friend Sema Sagat.
I think it is very delicious and pleasant looking.

Ingredients ;
2.5 Kgs or about 20 Mandalines
4 cups of granulated sugar
Juice of 1 Lemon
40 Almonds

Directions ;
Wash the Mandalines very well, and boil them in a pot with lots of water. Take the mandalines out pour the water into the sink and fill the pot again with water and boil again. Repeat this two times more. Than cut the mandalines in two halves, take out the seeds

. Places the mandalines into the pot as seen in the photo, place one almond in the middle of each half mandaline. Pour granulated sugar gradually on each mandaline. Make rows of them in the same order. Leave this pot overnight with sugar, next morning boil them for 10 -15 minutes and cool it down, repeat this three times. Than fill them into the jars these will keep for a year minimum.

This preserve can also be served as a desert with ice cream or clotted cream.
Bon Apetite !

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