Making your own Yoghurt

Did you know that "Yoghurt" is a Turkish word ? Historians say that yoghurt was first made by Turkish Nomads in Central Asia around 800 BC. Ever since it is in our diet and is the most liked and used sauce over food, or eaten as it is or drink as Ayran(salty yoghurt drink).  When the western world found out about yoghurt, they started eating yoghurt mostly with sugary stuff to make it sweet. In Turkish diet yoghurt is savory in most cases, we do have some desert made with yoghurt but not as much. In this post I am sharing on how you can make your own yoghurt at home. It is very healthy for your body and making your own yoghurt is even better, my grandmother died at 100 years old and she would eat yoghurt everyday in her life :)

To make your own yoghurt first you need to find good daily milk, preferably raw and a good quality yoghurt to use as a starter. It is always much better to use a clay pot, but if you don't have it pyrex pots are also working. You will need a big towel to cover up the pot.

Ingredients ;
1 Liter of Milk
2 tea spoons of Yoghurt

Directions ;

Bring the milk to boiling point on a high heat stove, when it starts boiling than reduce the heat and simmer for about 30 minutes ( if you want a thicker yoghurt you can go up to 45 minutes ) Than pour the milk into clay pot or pots. While it is cooling take your yoghurt out from the fridge bring it to room temperature. When the boiled milk comes down to about 40 degree's Celcius that is the time you will put the yoghurt in, the practical and old fashioned way to understand if the the milk is at right temperature is to clean up your hands and put your 5th finger in milk and see if it is not burning your hand but still warmer than your body temperature. When the milk is at right temperature, mix a small amount of milk with the yoghurt in a small glass make sure it is smooth, than mix it with the milk in the pot or pots with a spoon. The tip here is to keep the clay pots to stay, you should not move the pots after the yoghurt is mixed in the pot. Than cover the pots with a towel or something that would keep the heat in there and let it stay an overnight. In the morning take your pots into the fridge and let it cool for several hours than you can use your yoghurt as you like. Once you have made your yoghurt always keep a small amount to keep your yeast for yoghurt alive.

If you like yoghurt to be thick like the Greek Yoghurt, than sieve your yoghurt in a cheese cloth, but never throw away the liquid you can always use it in soups, it is very healthy and tasty.
Bon apetite !

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